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Selection And Maintenance Of Bluetooth Speaker
Shenzhen Manlian Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Bluetooth speaker must pay attention to maintenance, once damaged after a clever repair technology, it is to repair the eggs before the damage is not the same, it is very difficult.

1. Bluetooth speaker to be placed in the dry place. Otherwise, the voice coil is susceptible to tidal mold, the metal part is easy to rust, the cone will be deformed.

2. To avoid excessive vibration and impact. Otherwise, the magnet is susceptible to loss, resulting in decreased sensitivity. In addition, the magnetic circuit system by the movement and impact, easy to change the original position, resulting in a circle.

3. Be careful to prevent pests and molds. For already long mold of the cone, you can gently wipe with cotton, and with alcohol coated in the moldy place (one or two times), for sterilization.

4. Properly use the electrical indicators of the Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth speaker on the performance indicators, have been discussed in front, if used improperly, although the playback is not good, the speaker is also vulnerable to damage.

Here, the most important thing is to add the power to the Bluetooth speaker do not exceed its rated power, otherwise it may burn the voice coil, or vibration voice coil. General power consumption than the rated power of a little smaller, you can extend the life of the Bluetooth speaker, the degree of distortion is also smaller. Second, we should pay attention to the impedance of the Bluetooth speaker and amplifier output stage match (specific methods can refer to the relevant books). Third, when more than two Bluetooth speaker put together, you must pay attention to phase problems. If it is reversed, the playback quality will deteriorate.

In addition, the use of dry batteries to test whether the Bluetooth speaker can sound, the voltage should not be too high (such as moving coil Bluetooth speaker, not more than 3 volts), contact time is not too long, otherwise the voice coil will be damaged.

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