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Portable Bluetooth Speaker Also Have Good Sound Quality
Shenzhen Manlian Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 30, 2017

My company BUN Bluetooth speaker is my company in 2016 a new listing of a portable Bluetooth speaker, this Bluetooth speaker in addition to sound unit protection network, are wrapped in soft silicone material, feel good, continued my company's brand has always been the advantage The

As a portable small speakers, Bun body type less than 7cm, the body weighs only 210g, round the appearance of the ball and silicone material shell can be very good protection products, relatively slight bumps and scratches will not cause damage to the product.

All the control buttons are hidden in the silicone shell below the button logo is the shape of the depression, the button press the greater the pressure, the author asked the company 10 colleagues to try, only 3 that can still press the press.

Colorful match, respect for different styles of you

My company M200 Bluetooth speaker also have six colors for the user to choose, tea white, apple green, apricot, lake blue, green tea green, ice blue, to meet the different preferences of young people.

Petite is not delicate, and you share the wind and rain

IP54 waterproof and dustproof enough to deal with most of the daily outbound picnic needs, basically as long as it is not completely soaked in water or let it experience free fall, it is difficult to break it.

I use the shower to it up and down the rushed a bath, but it still has a full amount of explosive power.

Multi-scene use, to help you become a liberal

Because it is a Bluetooth speaker, volume adjustment, telephone answering can be done by the phone all the operation.

In addition to the standard Bluetooth speaker, it also supports MircoSD memory card, has a richer use of the scene.

In combination, the sound performance of this Bluetooth speaker can be used to "have some" to describe, all the range regardless of whether the performance is excellent, at least cover more complete; although not reach the level of the best in the thousand dollars, but But it is not a small advantage.

I praised the company is not a low price, but the quality of the first place, from R201 to the latest S1000, my company 20 years to the user left too many classic products.

My company bun this compact Bluetooth speaker, positioning is very simple, is to bring up convenient, in a limited volume to the user the best sound quality.

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